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Cafe El Mundo Coffee

Caf- El Mundo is a boutique coffee roaster, located close to the centre of Milan. Caf- El Mundo espresso coffee comes in a range of beans, ground and pods.

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Cafe El Mundo Coffee

Cafe El Mundo uses only the best quality coffee beans, roasted the traditional way, air-cooled, vacuum packed with inert gas, assuring customers perfect preservation, long lasting quality and an unmatchable aroma and taste. Caf- El Mundo espresso coffee comes in a range of beans, ground and pods.

Recommended Products include:

Cafe El Mundo Oro. Our premium coffee, Oro is Certified Espresso Italiano from the Italian Espresso Institute. Oro has a hazel-brown to dark brown foam with a very fine texture, a rich, aromatic nose revealing notes of flowers, fruits, toasted bread and chocolate. The Oro blend, with its’ sweet, nutty aroma is a full fruit driven espresso with a dark chocolate finish. Sour & bitter tastes are well balanced with distinctive caramel, praline notes.

Cafe El Mundo Rosso. With it's rich, well balanced mouth feel, thick crema, excellent body and smooth after taste, Rosso blends perfectly with milk and makes a great cappuccino, latte or breakfast coffee. As an espresso it has heady, cherry, spicy notes, Dutch licorice and chocolate. A slightly stronger coffee than the Oro for the increasingly popular milk based drinks yet still extremely satisfying for the espresso lover.

Cafe El Mundo Ital Moka (Top Class). This medium to dark, roast coffee has a smooth, smoky sweet and pleasantly mild flavour with hints of orange, spices, almonds and fragrant woody notes. Ital Moka makes a very smooth, rich espresso with great crema and blends perfectly with milk to make an enjoyably mild cappuccino or any other milk coffee beverage.

Pods. Nero PodWell balanced typical Italian Blend. Decaffeinato 99.6% decaffeinated prior to roasting using the Swiss 'water method' avoiding the use of chemicals. Bean 500g & Pod

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La Scala Coffee
& Vending Products

The La Scala Espresso Coffee Range sets the score with fresh, aromatic, balanced blends.

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La Scala Coffee

The La Scala Unique Beverage Concepts range is made up of three categories;

  • La Scala Allegro - Brewing & Extracting
  • La Scala Vivace - Premium Vending
  • La Scala Adagio - Drink Creation

The La Scala Espresso Coffee Range sets the score with fresh, aromatic, balanced blends. Using only the finest coffee beans, our experienced Master Roasters have orchestrated a passionate symphony of blends roasted with finesse to perfection.

Recommended products include:

La Scala Verdi This coffee is a great all rounder, a rich, aromatic, smooth and delicate with a hint of acidity and a sweet aftertaste. A great coffee for all occasions and all styles of coffee making. In the plunger it has light, floral aromas and a balanced, clean taste, a coffee to sip all day. As an espresso, it is a full bodied with bright, caramel, marmalade and chocolate flavours and a caramel coloured crema. Add warmed milk and soft, chewy toffee, caramel and honeycomb flavours begin to shine through.A great all-rounder.

La Scala Puccini 100% Arabica, Certified Organic & Fairtrade, this light roast coffee is ideal for plunger where it displays sweet, plummy notes intermingled with berry. It is a bright espresso with caramel and floral notes and an uncomplicated cappuccino, intense enough to cut through milk and show some spicy, fruit notes.

La Scala Rossini This complex little coffee is medium roast with good acidity, letting fruity notes shine through. As a filter or plunger coffee it has buttery, fruity, chocolate and wheat biscuit notes. As an espresso it is luscious, bright, spicy and heady with fruit and chocolate, well balanced and smooth. A perfect compliment to milk, what it lacks in body it gains in its sweet Moorish honeycomb, malt flavours and smooth finish. A powerful coffee perfect for milk based beverages.

La Scala Donizetti Another good all rounder. Quirky, surprising, dark, bitter sweet chocolate, cherry raisins fruit cake and toasted almond. As an espresso it is balanced and smooth, a satiny texture and snappy finish. Blended with milk Donizetti reveals its lovely, almond, toasty, fruity notes. It has the lingering bitterness of sweet chocolate, yet well rounded and full bodied. Recommended.

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Hampstead Tea

Fair-trading ensures that a portion of the money from every kilogram of tea goes directly to the farming communities to fund social development programs.

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Hampstead Tea

Hampstead Tea comes from the Makaibari Tea Estate situated 3,000 - 4,000 feet high up in the Himalayas and from an area renowned for producing the -champagne of teas-. This Darjeeling estate is protected on all sides by lush virgin forests and is home and livelihood to a community of 1,700 people, a family of panthers and a richly diverse wildlife. In addition to its premium quality and taste the Hampstead Tea range also comes with the organic and fair trade guarantee reflecting what customers want more of in today-s world - healthy, ethical food and drink. Values behind Hampstead Tea are:

  • Certified Organic and Biodynamic: No chemicals, pesticides, artificial flavours and colours means great for health and wellbeing and for the sustainability of our planet
  • Certified Fair Trade: Guarantees all farmers have been paid a fair price which means communities in developing countries can support themselves and their families and stop the cycle of poverty
  • Award Winning Quality: Hampstead Tea has won a number of Great Taste Awards (Oscars of Food and Wine)
  • Staple Free / Bleach Free Sachets: No chlorines or bleach nasties or aluminium residue in your tea cup
  • Fully bio-degradable packaging: Great for the sustainability our environment and reducing waste

We stock an extensive range of Hampstead Tea including;English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Biochai, Green Tea, Peppermint, Mint Green, Camomile, Fennel Liquorice, Lemon Ginger, Lemon Valerian,Rosehip Hibiscus (Envelope Packs of 20 or 25 Singles)

Or Bulk Packs of Earl Grey Tea, Darjeeling, Camomile, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green or Peppermint

Hampstead Wood Tea Boxes are also available (hold 12 different types of tea)

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Eraclea Chocolate
& Granita Products

Established in Milano in 196, Eraclea is a leader in the field of powdered beverages. You can taste the difference with this range of products.

La Scala Products
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Eraclea Chocolate & Granita Products

Established in Milano in 1960, Eraclea is a leader in the field of powdered beverages. Included in their range are over 30 hot chocolate varieties, yogurt, granita, ice-tea & milk shake mixes. Innovative products such as the Cookie Biscuit and the Liquorice Straw. You can taste the difference with this range of products.

We stock:

Granita Products: Lemon, Mint, Orange Lemon & Carrot, Strawberry, Fruits of the Forest, Watermelon, Peach, Melon, Green Apple Granita
Granita Cream Products; Coffee & Chocolate Cream
Single Serve Dense Hot Chocolate Products; Chocolate, Chilli Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate, White Chocolate
Single Serve: Cookie Spoon & Liquorice Straws

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